People who recommend Nitin Shroff’s Product Marketing/Management work:

Steven Pollock, Executive VP and Co-founder, TuVox, Inc. (managed Nitin)

“Nitin is an accomplished product marketer. Nitin did an excellent job reworking and packaging the TuVox managed service process in order to reduce risk and improve predictability. In a classic “matrix management” role, Nitin got the team on board with the new process by working cross-functionally with a wide range of stakeholders, gaining consensus, and ensuring excellent communication. This process was crucial to enabling special pricing and marketing programs by increasing the customer’s “time to value” and improving the ROI of the TuVox offering. Nitin did an excellent job demonstrating thought leadership with a whitepaper called “Why Speech Now”, a persuasive paper written to make the job of comparing TuVox and alternatives easier. Nitin drove mobile application and outbound calling solution marketing with integrated email and inside sales campaigns, cost effectively generating leads. On the analyst front, Nitin also helped push TuVox into Forrester’s “strong performer” category with his contributions to the process. Nitin is a great team player.”

Srinivas Penumaka, Director, Product Marketing, Genesys Telecommunications Labs (managed Nitin)

“Nitin is a great marketing professional to work with. His attitude towards challenges that are placed in front of him is awesome. He held product marketing responsibilities for multiple products and helped the team launch new products. His diligence, patience, and can-do attitude are some of his assets.”

Abhijit Barde, Senior Product Manager, TuVox

“Nitin blends strategic thinking and insight with action. At TuVox, he worked on a series of strategic initiatives in multi-modal and packaged speech applications involving market validation and requirements articulation. Tactically, Nitin spearheaded a series of marketing programs such as TuVox Guaranteed Success Program strengthening TuVox value proposition further. He is clear in his communication and can lead cross-functional teams – as demonstrated in streamlining TuVox’s speech application development and delivery processes.” 

Rod McLane, Senior Manager, Customer Marketing, Genesys Telecommunications Labs

“What makes Nitin stand out marketer is the passion he brings to the products he manages. In my role managing the Genesys Executive Briefing Center, I was fortunate to have Nitin as one of my “go-to presenters” that would always make time to meet with customers and share his visions for the products he managed. This willingness to dedication to support sales efforts earned Nitin the 2007 Presenter of the Year award for the Genesys Executive Briefing Center.”

Vijai Shankar, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Genesys Telecommunications Labs

“Nitin and I have been working together in the product marketing organization at Genesys since early 2005. I have found Nitin very detailed, passionate about his role and is able to transfer that positive energy to others in his presentations. His work is focussed on achieving the long-term objective and it has truly been a great pleasure to work with him.”

Kaartik Viswanath, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Genesys Telecommunications Labs

“Nitin is a very thorough and meticulous person. I have interacted with Nitin in numerous occassions and he has been of great help. He takes the time to understand the problem and his solutions are always very creative.”

Shirish Joshi, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Genesys Telecommunications Labs

“Nitin is a perceptive marketer who creates innovative positioning that help customers understand core problem areas, and then focus on best-fit solutions. He is highly self-motivated, anticipates issues and has answers ready even before the problem is obvious. His astute understanding of business dynamics is impressive. His positive attitude has been an example for the rest of the team.”

Jim Gilheany, Product Manager, Telogy

“Nitin hired, directed, and trained a strong product management team, which I was a member under Nitin.  I still use the skills that Nitin taught me including: product management tools, negotiation skills, and some of the outside the box thinking to create “win-win” solutions at work.”

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